In light of the recent coup attempts in Turkey, we have made available a report focusing on the political and security risks.

The unsuccessful coup attempt on 15 July has changed political risks in Turkey. If the coup leaders’ aims were to restore secularism and democracy as they claimed, their failure will probably now accelerate the reverse. The ongoing purge of the army will reduce the threat of further military interventions in politics. But purges of the judiciary, police and other institutions bode poorly for rule of law, judicial independence, democracy and security. All this will carry worsening risk implications for international businesses in Turkey.

These reports were issued to our Security Intelligence and Analysis Service (SIAS) clients on 19 and 21 July. In them we explore the failed coup on 15 July, its ramifications for foreign businesses in Turkey, and the near to medium security and political risk outlook for the country.

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Image: Demonstrations against the coup attempt in Taksim Square, Istanbul, 19 July 2016. Source: Emrah Gurel/AP/Press Association

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