Risk Advisory is pleased to invite you to a special intelligence briefing on Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan on 30 November.

Following the death of President Karimov in Uzbekistan and a peaceful political transition, there are still uncertainties around how the next president will shape the country’s policies. Meanwhile in Kazakhstan, the elite appear to be preparing for a similar transition, but the risk of security and economic challenges undermining the process there are greater.

In this briefing, we will provide an outlook on political and economic policies in Uzbekistan, and discuss the implications of an eventual transition of power in Kazakhstan.

Eleonore Seilles, responsible for the coverage of Eurasia in Risk Advisory’s Intelligence & Analysis practice, and Alexey Yugai, Associate Director of Risk Advisory’s Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia practice, will be leading the discussion. The briefing will be chaired by Evgeny Tarasov who is the Head of Operations and Director of Risk Advisory’s Moscow office.

A recording of the webinar will be available following the event.



Date: Wednesday 30 November |  Time: 2:30pm to 3:30pm GMT


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